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Heather & Sam

Lanikai Beach Wedding

Heather, Sam and their family all flew in from Seattle to celebrate such an amazing occasion. I guess its a dream come true to many mainland-folks to hold their wedding in Hawaii because every email I received from Heather had a count-down timer at the end. She was thrilled and I was thrilled to be their wedding photographer.
It seems I may have jinxed myself a few weddings ago when I said I’ve been lucky enough for the weather to be so nice on days that I photograph weddings. One would think the weather is beautiful 365 days of the year here in Hawaii but when it comes to holding weddings outdoors (especially on the beach) you’ve really got a 50/50 chance that the weather will hold up.
Lanikai is one of those amazing beaches on the island known for its turquoise color ocean water, white sand beaches, and limited crowds. Weddings here are a must if you want the secluded feel to it. On this day was just that plus very strong on-shore winds! So strong at times sand and mist where getting in my eyes and breaking some of the guests’ umbrellas. Never the less, we got some great images from the entire day.
Congrats Heather & Sam! It was an honor being your photographer…wish you two the very best.

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